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tv   Today  NBC  May 8, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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one by one, they're gone. >> we can't have a loose canon in the oval office. >> we are suspending our campaign. nyquist has won the kentucky derby! good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. special welcome and big thank you to all the moms watching today, especially mine. this morning, we're sharing a mother's day bloody mary with chelsea handler. why not? she turned her back to the traditional comedy
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for someone that's already been fill bid somebody. i didn't think that gave me license for creative freedom or the ability to change it up completely. then comic books have long been the domain of boys and men. but the booming business of super heroes is now playing to girls and young women and hiring people who reflect that. >> we're telling more stories about women and minorities. that's really important. then people start realizing, oh, yes, super heroes are amazing but there's something in their experience that is very much something that i can connect to. plus, the invictus games, wounded military men and women from across the globe brought together by prince harry to compete and to remind the world of the wars still ongoing. >> back in 2008, i got pulled out of afghanistan after ten weeks. i opened up the curtain to find three
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induced combias, wrapped in plastic, tubes coming out of their mouths and i spent a little bit of time sit tlg, looking at it all. that's where it all started for me. i realized i had to do something. >> jenna bush hager will have that later on in the show. let's begin with a race for the presidency. the picture now clearer than it was last week at this time. donald trump now the presumptive nominee, campaigning out west. yesterday, he turned his attention to hillary clinton, turning his attacks to his most likely opponent and the former president of the united states. >> she is married to a man who is the worst abuser to women in the history of the united states. hillary was an enabler. and those women were destroyed not by him but by the way hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> hallie jackson is covering the presidential campa
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white house this morning. hallie, good to see you, as always, on a sunday morning. people having flashbacks to the 1990s. is this what we have to look forward to over the next six months, personal attacks by donald trump going back to bill clinton's time in the white house? >> at least in the '90s, the trump sbts clintos and the clin friendlier, willie. you saw this really come together over the last 48 to 7 hours, becoming very clear that for donald trump, attacks against bill clinton's impeachment scandal are not off limits. a couple of other ways he may go after hillary clinton, he talked about her stance on the second amendment and gun rights. that's an area we'll see him go after her more. all of this is coming together as he has solidified a week in which it has become clear he is the guy on the republican side. his competitors dropping out. but the gop still bitterly divided over whether or not to support him. >> interesting wrinkle in this campaign over the last coupl
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senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts going on a tweet storm against donald trump. she's been very critical of him. donald trump responding, calling her goofy. is she now out front, positioning herself, perhaps to be a vice presidential candidate and hatchet woman for hillary clinton? >> probably less likely that she would be considered on that vice presidential ticket, but certainly taking on that traditional role as the attacker, the hatchet person for hillary clinton. you saw donald trump going after her, calling her goofy, and warren was tweeting right back saying it was a lame nickname, called him weak. she slammed his dangerous vision for america in these series of tweet storms. donald trump has spent a significant portion of his rally talking about elizabeth warren, hitting her very hard. there are some, especially in the democratic community on the more liberal side who wants to see elizabeth warren elevated to a higher position this is a way for her to take on trump directly, willie. >> it will be a long six hs
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apocolyptic scene, houses burning to the ground in just minutes as the rapidly moving wildfire engulfs nearly 800 square miles. officials fear it could eventually reach seskatchawan. miguel almaguer joins us. >> reporter: this fire has exploded in size. why not? there's the perfect recipe for the perfect storm. conditions out here remain extremely gusty. during the day, the temperatures are warm and the shumtd lhumidi low. it's feeding on millions of dead trees in the forested area. we've watched it every day as it explodes in size and races in multiple directions. as you know, some 1,600 structures, mostly hos,
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that number is sure to sky rocket. if there is good news, willie, this fire, while still very, very aggressive, is moving way from homes at this hour. firefighters warn us that could change at any moment. willie? >> those pictures are mind blowing. thank you so much. incredible view of nature's furr fury, this half-mile tornado. the storm caused damage, as you can see, over turning trees and vehicles along the way. joaquin el chapo guzman has been moved to a new prison across the border from el pa is. . texas, because of upgrades being done to the prison. the move does not mean that he will be extradited to the states any time soon. there is a single winner, just one this morning, of the $429 million powerball d
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mercer county, to be specific. if you're looking at your ticket. lucky numbers, 5, 25r, 26, 44, 66, powerball number is 9. it now goes back to a measly $40 million. in full graduation season this weekend, president obama at howard university saturday where he urged students to use their passions to take action instead of sitting by and waiting for things to change. the president also joked about the state of the country graduates are entering. america is by almost every measure better than it was when i graduated from college. it also happens to be better off than when i took office, but that's a longer story. nyquist, your winner at the kentucky derby, went in as a 2-1 favorite and delivered. nyquest holding off exaggerator
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the second leg of the triple crown is in seven days. and michael phelps is a new dad, holding his new son, boomer robert phelps. fiance, nicole johnson, gave birth saturday. he tweeted the baby is healthy and happy. look out olympics 2022. he writes about politics, movies, sports, whatever else hits him, compared to oscar wild. a lot to live up to. good morning, wesley morris. >> good morning. >> reporting since she left the womb, alison stewart, author of the new book "junk:
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through love affair of stuff." and the mom of the great isaac wolf. >> is he great. just about every day, covering donald trump's campaign since he assigneded the escalator last june. she will soon be awarded the presidential med al award of honor for her efforts. >> i hope. >> it was a favorite 2-1. as you took -- katie, you didn't win a ton of cash. >> donald trump predicted the win. goat it right. he always gets everything right. >> he does. >> he's omnitition. >> ted cruz drops out, then kasich leaves. both bush 41 and 43 say we're
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republican party? >> i think only donald trump can fix that rift. it's dependent on how he acts on stage at rallies, talks to people in washington, extend an olive branch. over the weekend if you were watching any of his rallies, he just went on trashing the establishment. >> wesley, the lesson he has taken away from the last year is he can do things his way. he doesn't have to be conventional and reach out to paul ryan and what these presidents have done in the past. >> he can do whatever he wants. there's no apparent repercussrepercussi repercussions for what he does. the taco bowl alone. >> it's a tostada. let's be honest. >> the brand, the sort of taco bell brand, whatever. it's crazy. >> it's mazing about him. it's like
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fight and he has brought a paintball gun. >> yeah. >> he is doing it by his own rules. if having a bush 41 and 43 and the establishment say we don't want to endorse you, i don't think his supporters care. it's better for him in many ways. >> the high point of donald trump's campaign, and the low point was, someone asked me. low point was the taco bowl but the high point was him coming out and telling speaker ryan he doesn't endorse his agenda. he did that the night he was in west virginia. and i think it is an example of how he is rallying behind the voter instead of rallying behind the politicians. and they take that and like that he's fighting back. it works for him. >> it's great fuel. >> he has the voters behind him but he has an electoral map that's not friendly and, number two, hillary clinton is going to run a billion dollar campaign. she has all the benefit of hindsight. she can monday morning quarterback everything that the republicans didng
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he has to get money on his side. they can have to come out with a cohesive plan to go against her. >> does he have the discipline to do that as you have reported on him? >> i don't think so. >> it is important to point out bob dole endorsed donald trump and john mccain said, yeah, i guess i'll support the guy. >> that's so mazing. >> was a gun near his head? >> if i must. >> he called john mccain not a war hero. that, to me, is a remarkable thing. >> one president, one guy not falling in line, president obama. here is what he had to say at his press conference on friday. >> this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> so, since it's derby weekend, let's put the odds of donald trump becoming the next president of the united states. what do you think? >>
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number. >> i've not had enough could have toy ev-- coffee to get to >> i'm supposed to say,000 to one or something. i don't know. >> this question makes people stammer. >>ri >> you're not really sure. >> i don't put anything past anybody. >> if we have learned anything this political season, predictions are a bad idea. if you ask me it's 50/50. >> coin toss? >> coin toss. >> cheryl sandberg, coo of facebook, she lost her husband a year ago about this time. david died very suddenly. she posted something on facebook, which i thought was important to talk about. she frames it by saying, look, i know i have resources other people don't. i'm realizing what it means to be a single mom. the united states is the only developed economy in the world that does not provide paid maternity leave. almost a third of working mothers don't have any access of paid leave to care for themselves or others if they
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sick. we all too often leave the family horse struggling the most to fend for themselves. the odds are stacked against single mothers in this country. yet so many give everything they have to go on and raise incredible children. the family medical leave act protects a parent's job for 12 weeks but unpaid. >> there's so much to appreciate about this facebook post. in lean in, she talks about those in positions of power can make change. she has to park across the parking lot and said we need parking for pregnant women. and the guys say, okay, but no one ever asked. i appreciate she's acknowledging -- she got a lot of heat of you're sheryl sandberg. she always had sympathy but now she has empathy, to highlight
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without paid leave. >> not a company you want to be in when it comes to maternity leave. the rest of the western world gives women the time they need with their kids. >> i think it's crazy that this hasn't been settled like a zillion years ago. i can't believe it. the idea that -- i have a lot of friends who have to strategize when to have the baby so the carry-overextends into the next calendar year. >> right. >> that's a whole other thing in your like doing it cycle when you're thinking about, when should we have this baby? >> that is the medical term. >> the doing it psych zbll ycyc >> yes. >> thank you for bringing science to the show. >> i lived overseas for about a year, before donald trump pulled me back n britain, you can take years off if you want to, essentially. they look at us like we are crazy, for a number of reason. >> i was going to say, what number is
8:16 am
that list? >> it's extraordinarily high on the list because they think we don't have any value for families in this country or regular people. >> you write so well about culture. hamilton breaking the record. 16 tony nomination. >> yeah. >> how do you explain this phenomena? is it like anything you've seen before? >> no, it's like the trump of musical theater, in theater period. not in terms of its politics but juggernaut-ness. i don't know. it's a great show. it's made people excited about a lot of -- >> it's "school house rock" for our generation. >> my daughter had a school project about the founding fathers. we went into the parent/teacher conference sheechlt had to draw thomas jefferson sheechlt drew him with an afro because she thinks thomas jefferson is
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diggs. >> with my hair? the highs and lows of the week, including the airline that somehow got a full of people to cheer for crying babies. we'll explain that. and the guy would was at the be i don't know say c beyonce concert this week and read quietly through the show. we'll be back after a short break and your local weather. good morning. we have some sunshine in the metro area. storm team 4 radar showing one longering shower here in charles county tracking in to southern prince george's county, calvert and st. mary's over the next half hour. and then the rest of the day we'll have quite a bit of sunshine with highs reaching low 70s. a bit of a blustery wind developing later this morning. and then tomorrow partly sunny, upper 60s near 70. might get a midday shower. greater chance of an afternoon shower tuesday. and then wednesday and thursday, mostly dry, thursday night maybe
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we're back with wesley, alison and katy. jetblue, that made it possible for us to watch "housewives" at 30,000 feet. on a cross country flight they offered a 25% discount for a future flight for every baby that cried. the fourth crying baby means a free round trip for everybody. the plane goes wild when number
8:21 am
the message? give all those moms traveling with kids a break. >> i would have started poking the babies. >> you better cry! why aren't you crying? >> i have flown on a plane with a baby who is crying. >> your own? >> no. >> all right. then don't talk to me. >> this is a one-time stunt, obviously. it should be a rule that we do that for drinks now, right? open bar every time the fourth baby flies on all flight. >> everybody will be hammered. beyonce concert happening right in front of him, queen b playing right in front of him that made it hard for papa giorgio to focus on the book he was reading. working concessions. >> it's a french novel? >> the jules vern classic "becky with the good hair." >> my favorite. next comes from the
8:22 am
astros all-star jose altuve, before tuesday's game in houston, he met a boy with terminal cancer, dylan, who asked altuve to hit a home run for him. he steps up in his first at-bat, hits a bomb to left field and said he was thinking about dylan as he rounded the bases. >> nice! >> that's tough to do, too. here it is, man driving 112 miles per hour seen fleeing crash scene with monkey on his back. >> they're not talking about drugs, are they? >> real headline. guy in suburban seattle speeding through a neighborhood with his pet monkey. 30-year-old crashed into a rock in somebody's yard, began to run to the scene, but returned to snatch up his monkey before fleeing again. here is an actual line, katy, from the news account. quote, police identified the man easily, because he still had a monkey on his back. >> i think i have a d
8:23 am
>> because when you said -- >> don't go there? >> the mug shot of the guy holding the monkey. can't find it yet. kfc now offering edible nail polish in its hong kong locations. selling nail polish that tastes like fried chicken, original recipe, hot and spicy flavor. kfc tells us it tastes like that same delicious mix of herbs and spices they use on their chicken. colonel sanders, how you've changed. >> disgusting. tolerance. one kentucky tobacco shop owner has for your sweaty money. he is sick and daggone tired of people paying with soggy money they've pulled from their pockets, socks or worse. >> worse? >> due to rising temperatures, this year, make every amazing, despicable, wizarding second of your vacation count
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it's 8:26. he happy othmother's day. police say tordeulalio tordil kd his estranged wife thursday and then killed hal com winffel and paulina molina on friday. nd the fta is calling on metro to make immediate decisions based on safety not passenger convenience. the fta also recommends metro slow trains down and shorten trains to reduce the risk of a third rail fire. metro must also retrain all of its employees. we'll address all these issues with the gm paul wiedefeld when he joins us for an exclusive live interview at 9:00 a.m. we'll have it live on face book .a
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sunshine in the metro he area. we have a milky haze high in the atmosphere, it's actually smoke fromberta canada wildfires. a passing shower newing through st. mary's. later today, lots of sun and some wind. tomorrow a midday shower, maybe an afternoon shower on tuesday. wednesday and
8:30 am
cr dry. dry friday. we have 90 minutes of news and weather coming up in half an hour. tell me, donald, have you figured out who your vice president will be, someone who shares your temperament and values? someone say, i don't know, could it be -- satan? good lord! >> i have returned. >> ted is a demon. my god. >> i am no longer ted cruz. i am the lord of shadows. >> you sure you aren't lord of the weak chins? >> stop it, donald. >> the first guy who got possessed and looks better. >> "saturday night live" last night taking on donald trump and ted cruz with
8:31 am
bringing back the church lady. the perfect time for the return of chelsea handler. the no holds barred comedian is back on stage, tv, social media. shen five books she spares no one, especially herself. her new show "chelsea" begins streaming on netflix where she's free from the old talk show rules and ready to make her own. she invited us into her los angeles home and showed us around the new studio. >> i wouldn't normally put them on leashes but dogs don't like when dogs are on leashes because people are scared of them. >> of these dogs? >> no, no, of dogs in general. they're the types of people that should be attacked by dogs. >> i'm pretty sure i know the answer to this question. is there anything that's off limits to chelsea handler,
8:32 am
>> i'm not going to make fun of ugly baby. >> but they exist. >> they do exist. i don't think it's my job to point them out. this is me. my name is chelsea. >> ooh! so i've heard. >> and when they write it in lettering like this, it makes you very excited! you go wow! >> you don't strike me as the kind of person who gets nervous. do you have any nerves about launching the new show? >> i don't get -- yeah, of course i get nervous. but i get more irritable when things don't go exactly the way i envision them going. >> the story goes that you went up to the head of netflix at a party and said hey, are you the netflix guy? and you began to give him your pitch. >> i read that story and have no idea if that's true or not. i was very intoxicated at the time. sounds like something i would .
8:33 am
what was it about netflix? >> i never had the desire to go and walk in somebody else's shoes to fill out for a show that has already been fill bid somebody. that doesn't give me creative freedom or the ability to change it up completely. there are no commercials, advertisers. all the prohibitive aspects of being on network television don't really apply to netflix. i didn't want that kind of parenting. >> was there anything about those jobs that was tempting to you, control, money or something else? >> no. >> that a network would give you? >> no, no. the money can't be an issue. you can't make decisions based on money. it depends really on how much money you need to feel good about yourself. i'm doing okay. >> got a lot of landscaping back here. >> costs a lot of money. and that's why my dogs both work. i still don't know my way around. i'll just try to knock and see what's behind door number one. oh, look. >> they made it se
8:34 am
chelsea handler productions control room. that's me. and, hello, everybody! this is the control room. >> what's going on, guys? >> as you can tell, no one cares when i enter. >> you want this show to be smarter. the appeal was you could do smart stuff that you're interested in. >> i'm describing it as a flat statement. it's basically like the college education i forgot to get, paid for by netflix. i want a lot of questions answered and a lot of things that people pretend they know the answer to, like how a bill is passed, the difference between the house of representatives and the senate, where we are in the galaxy. i want to get information with a sense of humor. that's what the show is about. >> isn't that the story of your life, though? you didn't need to go to college and look how far you've gotten? >> but i have a very specific skill set and i'm still trying to figure out what that is. >> i think we know wha
8:35 am
>> what is it? can you tell me? >> you're funny as hell. >> if you can make a skill set out of being funny, then, yeah. >> no one is ever going to marry me. >> you grew up the youngest of six children. that had to impact the kind of comedy you got into, right? >> yeah. you just develop a very kind of sarcastic verneer. oh, great, there's not enough food for everybody tonight. you make everything into a joke even if it's not funny. >> this is backstage. you have to be very, very quiet here. they're rehearsing without me because my voice is shot. they've decided to replace me before the show has even started. >> you don't have kids? >> no. i'm barren. i'm not barren. i just want to be. >> did you ever think twice about put iting your personal le so front and center? >> i have no regard to my personal life. >> clearly not. >> i'm missing that chip.
8:36 am
>> no. i feel like if you put everything out there, nothing can come back to haunt you. if you're so honest and forthright about yourself -- in this town, people are so precious about their privacy and so guarded and they don't want people to know this and this is a secret and that's a secret. okay, i get it. but you're taking yourself too seriously. in that sense, i always think it's better just to tell the truth and let it all hang out. it's like the same reason on instagram i try not to use filters on my face or try to post pictures that aren't as beautiful as everybody, trying to make themselves look like they're beautiful all the time or snap chat i'm half naked rapping and sound like an idiot. that's a part of who i am. it's all a part of, you know, the package. >> tell me, what is the deal with the nudity on instagram? >> the whole point was to desensitize it, the idea that it shouldn't be news when i'm topless. a man can be topless and a woman can't be topless because we can feed a chil
8:37 am
that was the argument that started it when i post aid picture of myself with putin. ever since then it's to screw with people. >> a lot of people don't know you came out for this interview topless and we asked you to put a shirt on. >> thank you for doing that. it wouldn't have been flattering for me to sit like this. >> what will we see on your show contentwise, topic wise that we won't see on any other show? >> i want to talk about abortions, racism, things that there's a political correctness attached to that we can't have real conversations about it. it's important to constantly stir things up. >> why do you think you're the exception in comedy? >> i don't care about glossing over stuff or being on the periphery of something. you have to dig deep, have uncomfortable conversations. people don't like conflict. i love it. let's go for it. >> chelsea will stream on netflix three days a week int
8:38 am
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marvel's "captain america: civil war" opened to a record audience. comic books have been associated with mostly young men. today, women are increasingly buying and creating the stories. erica hill has that story. >> look carefully, and you might notice a change in your friendly neighborhood superhero. >> we're telling more stories about women, telling more stories about minorities. that's really important, because then people start realizing that, oh, yes, super heroes are amazing. but there is something in their experience that is very much something that i can connect to. >> that connection is changing the narrative on the page and behind the scenes. where a third of the editorial staff at marvel is female. leading the charge? emily
8:42 am
>> giving them the confidence to actually try. >> katie cukubert edits. this elite team of anchor super heroes is the first for the franchise, created more than 15 years ago. this team is all women. also pushing boundaries. >> our chief creative officer in me telling me, we need someone with a unique voice that will bring their experience to the comic page. that's the only way we'll be able to grow as a company. >> ms. marvel, now a teenage american muslim is based, in part, on her own experience growing up in new jersey. though her power isn't limited to young girls. >> at a convention last year,
8:43 am
to me and is like, i have been collecting comics since i was 5 years old and to this day, ms. marvel is my favorite comic series. that was a huge signal change moment for me. i realized this place is for everyone. >> it is definitely not a male industry anymore. >> female readership is estimated to be 30 to 50% of the comic book audience. publisher's weekly says planet comics, women, ages 17 to 33. at conventions like comicon, women on panels once small discussions have become standing-room only events in a few short years. >> a great gauge to show how much our industry has evolved but also the perception of women in comics have changed. we have people covering the women of marvel events, which has been kind of crazy to me. it's become a phenomenon
8:44 am
>> people are realizing it's a diverse group of people creating these stories and we're striving to create stories of the world we see outside our window. >> a view that -- >> our characters dress a lot better now. >> yes. >> just the fashion sense. captain marvel is a great example. we put her into a fighter pilot uniform. i think she looks very, very powerful and i think she looks extremely sexy in that outfit. and she's not even showing skin. and that is what people are responding to. >> always picking up after you boys. >> as much as these women love the changes they're seeing and shaping, they're also looking forward to the day when the focus has shifted. >> what's next? where do you want to take the story line for both the comics themselves and also this company? >> i want to get to the point where people don't see the marvel brand
8:45 am
anymore. >> i want it to get to it's about the character. >> i want people to read it because it's a good story. >> and erica hill joins me now. so, erica, who are these women working for marvel? did they grow up reading these comic books? >> no, they're not. they all came to them later in life sort of on their own, like calvin and hobbs has kids but not necessarily marvel comics. this is not something you have had to grow up with. you can come in at any point. the beauty of it is the story telling. that's what they really want to focus on. it's all about a good read. >> i understand they made you a superhero? >> oh, yes, they did. >> really? >> they asked me what i would like my power to be. i said i need to be in two places at once. i introduce you to split second. >> split second? >> amy reader came up with a whole design, put this whole comic together. when i hear a story is breaking i can
8:46 am
second, save the world, calm back and calmly report the news while my co-anchor is freaking out. >> coming to you in summer 2017. good story, erica. thank you. prince harry one shower is coming into southern calvert and northern st. mary's. elsewhere, we'll get hazy sun. it's actually smoke from the alberta wildfires. afternoon highs low 70s. tomorrow up near 70, might get a midday shower. afternoon shower possible on tuesday. afternoon then wednesday apand thursday, both of those days should be dry. but thursday my may be showers and also sa i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that
8:47 am
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the second invictus games are get iting under way in orlando, an event created by prince harry that brings warriors from around the world, all
8:50 am
president george bush and jenna bush hager are there. >> i thank the gods whatever may be for my incomparable soul. >> tell me about the genesis for starting these game. >> in 2008 i got pulled out of afghanistan after ten weeks and found myself on the plane with the way home, a dead dani ish soldier, whose body was on the plane and i pulled back the curtain to find three british soldiers, all in induced comas, tubes coming out of their mouths. that's where it all started for me. i realized i had to do something. >> the invictus games are the first competition for wounded service members and involves 14 different countries and 10 different sports. when i was in
8:51 am
wounded by an improvised explosive device while on a dismounted patrol. shrapnel from that device caused catastrophic injury to my left leg and left arm. what went through my mind when i lost my leg was whether or not i would be able to have the same quality of life. >> i stepped on an ied. i was in a coma for almost two months. and i woke up, i was devastated, like many of the other soldiers. but once i started picking up sports, that really kind of got me by that. >> as his mother and caregiver, he made me a stronger person just watching his strength. >> what have you got to say to mom on mother's day? >> i love you, mom. >> you share a bond with these
8:52 am
what's it like spending time with the competitors? >> i've served, they've served, we've worn the same uniform or thereabouts. to all of us, we're all the same. yes, i'm prince harry but to me i'm captain wales and to them i'm captain wales and some are less frortunate than other. >> we're a team and when we work together, we're going to get a l win. >> and you're going to get a lot of them here. >> i hope so. >> don't jinx me. >> i am the master of my fate. i am the captain of my soul. >> complete this sentence. i am -- >> i am inspirational. >> you sure are. >> jenna bush hager reporting from the invictus games in
8:53 am
orlando. we highlight another life well lived, good long life for frank livingston. he died this week at 110 years old, born in cotton valley, louisiana, on november 13th, 1905, he enlisted in the united states army in october 1942. he was a private in the 1943 allied invasion of italy and later served in north africa. he was discharged honorably in 1945, went on to work in the cement business. his surviving nephew said, quote, he felt the obligation to give to the country whatever he could. frank lived independently right up until last month. frank levingston, hero of world war ii, passing away at ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good
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we close this morning, as we do every week at this time, with predictions for the week ahead. congress returns tomorrow from its latest recess. we predict that mitch mcconnell will take a cue from the turkish parliament this week, did you see this, and start a senate fight club, like brad pitt's fight club without all those chiselled abs. we're going to wait until saturday the 14th to drop the kids off at camp. why do they keep sending their kids to that camp? glittering french riviera. we predict that again this year no one's star will shine brighter than that of one william gary busey. chuck todd a big busey guy. you have a one on one with donald trump. we have a little preview.
8:58 am
i think he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago and was so supportive. i thought it was amazing. i was blind sided by this. >> you are stunned? blind sided is by this? >> it's politics. ooh i'm never stun bid anything that happens in politic. >> we don't want to give away the store on this one but what's your headline coming out of that interview with trump? >> the rest of the republican party or at least people with paul ryan will need a lot of this. it's not just the bloody marrye mix with moms all the way around. donald trump doesn't believe it's his job to come to paul ryan. i think he believes paul ryan's wing of the party needs to come to him. question, is it irreconcilable? >> and he's thinking it's gotten me this far. >> exactly. >> thank you all for spending part of your sunday with us on "sunday today." i'll see you tomorrow morning here on "today." enjoy your sunday and happy mother's day to all the moms out there.
8:59 am
as we head into the 9:00 hour, a man stabbed at a bus bay and police track down a suspect. we with taking your concerns about metro safety straight to the top executive in a live exclusive interview. >> even though a lot our community is scared, it is still good that we united as one. a community comes together as police reveal a motive for the deadly shopping center shootings. going to take at least six. >> sound the horn. still in it. fans getting ready for game six as the caps keep their stanley cup dreams alive. first order of business, happy mother's day to all you
9:00 am
good morning, i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. happy mother's day to all including you, angie. we're in for one of the nicest days that we've seen in weeks. tom kierein is tracking a big warm-up and a lot of sun. >> yes, warm regards on this mother's day morning. we're starting off with lots of sunshine. it's coming through a milky haze. that is actually smoke from the alberta wildfires. you can see that in this live view of our sky. it's all sunny through that haze, though. it's generally clear sky. right now radar showing diminishing light showers pulling out of charles county and into st. mary's. it will be dissipating over the next half hour. right now temperatures jump into the 60s. reagan national in the low 70s will this afternoon. a look at the next chance for rain coming up.


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